мая 20, 2012

weekend experiences

This weekend I think much. A lot of themes appear in my mind and most of them are philosophical.
Unfortunately, they concern to bad subjects.

1. First is Problem of visit CLUBS. ahaha. It sounds funny. But it lives.
Some time ago I understood that I don't like clubs.  It wasn't my problem for a long time, but I have to care about it.
A lot of people ( i can say ALL ) go to Club every Friday/Saturday for relax and dancing and take pleasure in be there. While I don't feel so. In Saturday night I prefer meet my friends in any home,  speak openly, listen favorite quiet music and REALLY relax O: movies, food, stories, amusement games, sometimes alcohol - all, what I need at weekends. Am I home man?? whyyyyyy....
While i am living in small city, this problem can be solved, but in metropolis visiting of clubs is normal life style. brrr. and all of my friends love this action, what kill me more!D:
Will stay home alone and watch movies T.T xd - great plans for my all
remnant weekends :D yey!

I was a great model, 
what I can say ahaha :D

2. Nostalgic mood.
Sometimes I wanna back to childhood and perceive this world over and over again.  Now and then I think that I have known ALL what people know and don't understand what I have to do. Soon the graduate. I looked through photos from first class and notice my always smile on every photo. 'How it easy' - I thought and tried to smile for a little time. Unfortunately, It didn't give me pleasure what I needed and need now. This time my smile demands people who will always make laugh and happy me.

From school and kindergarden *o*

Always smile and laugh^^

3.  I am afraid of leave my parents here and move to big city without. I care about them.

4. I can't endure cold of my city.

5. I should lose some weight!

6. A lot of other problems, which I don't wanna  remember.

Past week brought me a lot of good news!

First of all, there are only 3 days before arrival of my best friend Nana! Woooow. I really miss her and our last meeting was about one year ago! It's a very long time!

Also I got my personal Japanese manager who always support me and make me really happy *o* Thank you, Shinobu. He shipped me Liz Lisa's clothes, which I could only desire and because of his kind I CAN wear this beautiful bland! OMG. I can't believe it.

Any more, GEO medical company answered me finally and I have a chance to cooperate with them.
I feel me adult busy man ahaha :D

All in all, I want to say that I have a great life in this developmental stage.


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