августа 31, 2012


This song is one of the best dance show now, so I met a lot of great covers and parodies, which still make me smile xd
I know everyone watched MV, but I wanna post it on my blog :333 

Man is really HOT and  IMPRESSIVE, you must want him and be in gangnam style! awf.
I can't stop dancing :D
I believed that PSY is crazy and some stupid, but when I was watching making of clip, he looked like a typical korean husband, dad, worker and more - man, who cares about people around him :D

Who already love him?? MM/////???? :333

So, if you do, watch newer MV - PSY with HYUNA.
Girl is so pretty and miniature with amusing high voice ** I fall in love~

dance dance~

Time for best COVERS!!

This cover call itself BEST and I guess IT IS! Of course, "PSY" is too tall in comparison with real PSY :D But man and assistants coped with a task!

Covers by popular K-pop bands ~



And various Kpop Artists

And other random videos

When do they stop?D: A lot a lot of covers..~~

ahahahahah. wtf? xddd

Awhr.. I wanna stop now and show you more beauty in this post..
I can't miss my favourite cover dance team waveya!! They are the best for me^^ Maybe they dance better then HYUNA. who knows..

Op-Op-Op-Oppa Gangnam style ^^
I hope you don't hate meeee ^^

августа 24, 2012

Summer time - Norilsk / reviews

My parting from Norilsk couldn't be without photoshoots, especially with my friend Nana. So, as soon as my exams was finished, we started our career of photo-models :D Great part of photos were taken by night when both of us had a somnolence, but 'What Should We Do?'- I decided and light up my mind.

-There are not all photos from that night. -

Except photography we were dancing every night for 2-3 hours for participation in Cover Dance Festival. Unfortunately, it was a really wasting of time and we hadn't done our video on time.

A couple days before I left, I got new korean cosmetic and did a few review photos.

First are my still favourite BB-cream and BB.Boomer by Missha.

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream and BB Boomer #21

That time was my first experiment with any boomer, so I coudn't take a photos of using these products.
You can mix boomer with cream before applying on the skin or add every pruduct by rotation - 1. bbboomer, 2. bbcream.
upper left - bbboomer. upper right - add bbcream
-remark. I think everybody who used korean cosmetic know 'what is bbcream', but many didn't meet with any boomer. So, I want to advise it for you. Boomer by Missha works with all bbcreams by any company and has great benefits.
BB Boomer boosts duration of BB Cream and makes your skin look brighter with its pink pearl powder when applied before BB Cream. 
- Whitening + Wrinkle repairing 
- Containing moringa, patent ingredient, mannan and olive ingredients which have an affinity with skin, it keeps moisture on the skin and creates moisture shield, leaving it moisturized after makeup. 
- Containing adenosine and arbutin, it improves skin tone and fine lines. 


Who loves korean drama and always sees fresh makeup of main heroine especially their lips?**

Their secret is HERE.
It is Mini Tint gloss for lips! 

* Tony Moly's lip tint is worn by many celebrities in Korea including Goo Hye Sun on Boy Over Flower *

Tint is not expensive and it's best advantage is long keeping!

Mini Tony Moly Lip Tint #1 Cherry pink

Contains jojoba seed oil. Obsorbs quickly while moisturizing and regenerating the lip. 

And my own mini-tutorial of using :3

In my favourite group of GAL on vk.com was new project 'Inside your bag' and I added my version of bag too :3

августа 11, 2012

[Tutorial] GAL make-up. Eyes

A month ago I left Russia and came to Ukraine. here I live with my grandmother and don't have time for internet and blog! All the more, I can't use my notebook and this post I am writing with help of my sgs2-phone.
BUT I took a lot of photos and had new informations, which you will see here only after my come back to Moscow - 17 August -

At this page you see my first GAL tutorial about my way of making-up gyaru eyes.
I think it is very easy and amazing method, so every gyaru model or lover can use my instructions! I describe all steps in glowing terms with pics of my eye. 

On photos: false eyelashes - Dollywink no.1 , no. 7.

Circle lens - GEO Bambi grey

Please, don't use it as your own tutorial and don't forget about author's right. So if you wanna put tutorial in your blog, copy it with links on my blog. Thank you!