мая 15, 2012

[bbye-gbuy] Dreamv Dress

[Bye-Bye - GO BUY]

From Dreamv purchase!
I had been in love with this dress for a long time and finally got it!
Dreamv offer us a choice of different color which look so pastel ( every are beautiful ),

but only one design striked me!

Mint color looks really pentinent in summer time so I chose one.

Great material without omissions - my first opinion.Until now I follow this.
Some large close photos :3 

Of course, I haven't worn dress for some time, so will see true strength of it later! xd

Can present just poor quality photo in dress, goodness will summer^^

Dress is one of the popular products on dreamv and has many rewards! Order by the summer!

A little I don't understand HOW wear this dress because it looks some strange oO Maybe I am so faaaaat XD i am paranoid when someone begin talk about  weight/body blah-blah-blah. And always think that I have overweight! Fortunately, It is not true :3

I am looking forward to put on this dress and wearing for aaaaall day! *o* But here are winter yet and, except warm coat and spring/autumn boots, I can't use in my city.

So, just waiting for my move to Moscow and afetr Ukraine.

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bye-bye - go BUY!

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  1. Привет, надеюсь не против взаимной подписки?
    Я уже присоединился к вашему блогу, вот мой http://sulfurseven.blogspot.com/
    Спасибо за внимание, надеюсь ответите взаимностью:)