июня 11, 2012

My back!

Yey yey yey

I came back and have a lot of news!!
First of all, my all exams are passed ^.^ At present I know result only of one subject and it is not wholly satisfactory.. 'History of Russia' is only 56 of 100 percents, so don't know how it can help me.
I am stupid man, aren't I ??? DDDD:
So, will hope for the best.

My studies are completed, but I am waiting impatiently for graduation party now. Dress for this party isn't ready just as my shoes, hair and etc. I have to solve these problems, but my laziness controls me ahahha

Also my class took some photos on 'Last Ring'. So I descried that today's post will have a lot of photos and pics :3 Colofrul day~

Weeeeew, there was interesting slide-show with our 2 photos - childhood and present :3 I thing I was the prettiest ahhah

By the way, I see that most pageviews are from Germany (??). I haven't publicized blog in any german sites, so strange occurance that they took the lead over Russian people :D thanks 

Unfortunately, here is still cold + add the snow and rain. Brr, Ukraine, wait for me!!~~~ I will be soon~

In the near future, you can watch my first video cover dance with best friend for K-POP COVER DANCE FESTIVAL IN RUSSIA / VISIT KOREA YEAR 2012 --http://www.coverdance.org/-- We dance 'Miss A' and hope that you will 'Like' this video and help us to win! WANNA VISIT KOREEEEAAAA ;DDDDDDDDDD

Many many many Gyaru-models marry and have a babies. Every time I see new Bride-Princesses, I envy ** They are the best sweeties brides with beautiful dresses and hair ♡

My plans for near FUTURE:
cover dance
buy kimono
take a long hair
take a long nail
finish writing song

Today songs:
♡ B.A.P - Warrior
U-kiss - Amazing
♡ Beast - Bad girl
♡ Miss A - Bad girl Good girl
Beast - Breathe
Beast - Freeze
♡ Beast - beautiful
♡ Big Bang - Blue
Beast - Break Down
♡ Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy etc. - Dream High
♡ Beast - Easy
TONY & SMASH - Get your swag on
EXO-K - History
♡ Beast - I'm sorry
Miss A - Love alone
♡ Taecyeon & Nickhun - My Valentine
♡ Beast - Mystery
Suzy - Only Hope
♡ SNSD - Run Devil Run
♡ Super Junior - Sorry Sorry
♡ SNSD - Sorry Sorry (cover)
♡ IU, Suzy, Taecyeon etc. - Tell me your wish (cover of SNSD - Genie)
♡ Miss A - Touch
The Gazette - Untitled
♡ Suzy - Winter Child
♡ Beast - Say No
♡ Super Junior M - Off My Mind
♡ 2PM - Hands Up
♡ SNSD - The Boys
CNBLUE - In my head
IU - Good Day
Miss A - Good-bye baby
♡ N'Sync - Bye Bye Bye
BigBang - Monster
BigBang - Fantastic Baby

Today video:

"Miss AM" (2AM - Good Bye Baby)

Today pics for brain - think :

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