мая 10, 2012

[bbye-gbuy] Dream Vision Package

'bye - bye - go buy!' - reviews part of blog.

I have taken package from Dream Vision with some summer items! It made me really happy!! Weeeeeew!
Firstly, bag was safe and sound! ( It some shocked me, because Russian postage usually disapoints me.)

Seconly, I am satisfied with Japanese workers, who packed items! All are packed up well and look nice.

Except items workers send me informations about my order and papers with comprehensive data.

Also they give mini catalogue with news and small magazines with ads.

And now I wanna more and more and more!!!!!!!
Oh, anybody, give me a chance!T.T
I will give some reviews about new items soon.

I advise everyone this shop! Exactly, if you really like Japanese clothes!:33333333
Great quality and fast shipping!! Yey

bye-bye - go buy!

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