августа 11, 2012

[Tutorial] GAL make-up. Eyes

A month ago I left Russia and came to Ukraine. here I live with my grandmother and don't have time for internet and blog! All the more, I can't use my notebook and this post I am writing with help of my sgs2-phone.
BUT I took a lot of photos and had new informations, which you will see here only after my come back to Moscow - 17 August -

At this page you see my first GAL tutorial about my way of making-up gyaru eyes.
I think it is very easy and amazing method, so every gyaru model or lover can use my instructions! I describe all steps in glowing terms with pics of my eye. 

On photos: false eyelashes - Dollywink no.1 , no. 7.

Circle lens - GEO Bambi grey

Please, don't use it as your own tutorial and don't forget about author's right. So if you wanna put tutorial in your blog, copy it with links on my blog. Thank you! 

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