августа 31, 2012


This song is one of the best dance show now, so I met a lot of great covers and parodies, which still make me smile xd
I know everyone watched MV, but I wanna post it on my blog :333 

Man is really HOT and  IMPRESSIVE, you must want him and be in gangnam style! awf.
I can't stop dancing :D
I believed that PSY is crazy and some stupid, but when I was watching making of clip, he looked like a typical korean husband, dad, worker and more - man, who cares about people around him :D

Who already love him?? MM/////???? :333

So, if you do, watch newer MV - PSY with HYUNA.
Girl is so pretty and miniature with amusing high voice ** I fall in love~

dance dance~

Time for best COVERS!!

This cover call itself BEST and I guess IT IS! Of course, "PSY" is too tall in comparison with real PSY :D But man and assistants coped with a task!

Covers by popular K-pop bands ~



And various Kpop Artists

And other random videos

When do they stop?D: A lot a lot of covers..~~

ahahahahah. wtf? xddd

Awhr.. I wanna stop now and show you more beauty in this post..
I can't miss my favourite cover dance team waveya!! They are the best for me^^ Maybe they dance better then HYUNA. who knows..

Op-Op-Op-Oppa Gangnam style ^^
I hope you don't hate meeee ^^

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