сентября 16, 2012

"The New Moscow"

After I talked with some my followers, I undertood that posts have to be translated to Russian, coz most of followers are Russian, of course. However I wouldn't do it. I wish everyone can English and for this purpose we should always exercise, repeat and practice.
My blog are made with SO EASY ENGLISH LEVEL, so it available for everyone, I think.

Since blog about ALL around me [ includes fashion, life, people, places, emotions, experiences and others ]
I wanna show you news from my student and home life.

  •  HOME 
First thing, which makes me happy, is my HOME. More precisely - my New Home in Moscow. It locates on new district, where new flats are appearing every hour. House is only 1 year old, so very young. **

BTW, I live on 13 floor ** my lucky number of this summer.

High location permits see really beautiful sky every day, wherever I glance my big window. Took some photos from morning to night.

Saturday "morning"

Colorful day
- what a such bright precise rainbow! one minute and it disappeared -

And best midnight time

Changings of my room started with keyboard of notebook. These stickers are bought from Korean seller and have Korean letters, of course. I didn't know this information, but it doesn't disturb my work!

 Who wants to buy it - write me email, I'll help you. There are a lot of types and pictures of stickers.

I can't calm about Ejevika. It is cat which are living here! 

Beautiful young catty with a strong character and activity.

  •  Institute of Oriental Studies 

I had wanted it, I had waited for it and I have got it! I am student of Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow. Myspecialty - Japanese - translator.

There are only 40~ students on 1st class, so we like a big big family ^^ Most of my classmates are helpful and friendly, we always eat together and do other activities of daily living. I can feel safe here. thanks
Certainly, Japanese language is difficult and need hard-work, however my teachers of Japanese, Ol'ga Hohlova and Kinoshita-san, are really good in their field and lessons with them give me only positive emotions and good knowledge, of course!

Maybe on 3th class I am going to learn Korean on the side here, hope I could.

The Institute is located next to the Vegetarian Cafe - Shop. I am so happy that have a chance to eat well being vegetarian. So I am regular customer here ^^

Everybody, who lives in Moscow or wanna come to here, write me and I will meet you^^

Waiting for youuuu~ 

All cloth I buy only on internet shops and this is the first thing which I got in one of Moscow shopping store.
Nike sneakers for dance.

I hadn't ever liked sneakers, but they are awesome

New MAC mascara zoom lash EXAMPLE

Got it for free and tried to use. Simple mascara - easily washed off and dries quickly. Thinking to buy full version for usual days. 

Some photos. Now I don't have time for photoshoots, so most of photos are taken by phone. 

beginning of summer 

middle of summer

end of summer



Present time

Before last photoshoot

Catty of my friend

Wow. Forgot it ^^

PEOPLEEEEEE, Where can I buy it? Help ^^
please write on e-mail, if you know. Who help me will post on my blog with photos^^

Songs of this time

Song Ji Eun - Going Crazy (feat. Bang Yong Kook)
We - party
Big bang - haru haru
U-KISS - Believe
Park Jung Min (SS501) - Not alone
I Remember - Bang Yong Gook(B.A.P) feat. Yoseob of BEAST
NU'EST - face
SuJu - SPY
Sistar - loving U
Lycaon – ai wa kirameki no naka ni~Acoustic Ver~ 
GD - One of a kinf
GD - That XX
정용화 (Jung Yong Hwa of CNBlue) – 넌 내게 반했어 (You've Fallen For Me)
B1A4  – Only One
샤이니 (SHINee) – 화살 (Quasimodo)
B2ST - Midnight ( all album )
B.A.P - No Mercy
Super Junior - Opera
Super Juniot - SPY
KAT-TUN - One Day
toe – Two Moons

The GazettE - DIVISION ( all album )

Here are not all :D


[PRACTICE] Prepix's Haw & iLL feat. YoSeob - Hiphop Choreo

Zombie Experiment NYC


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